Disposal of plastics: a world of its own

The correct separation of and disposal of plastic waste is a challenge that we can help you with by using specific solutions. As a recycling service provider and disposal specialist, we have made a name for ourselves in Thuringia as a contact partner for the professional shipping, processing, utilization, and disposal of plastic wastes.

The variety of plastics and uses for plastics is astounding. With customized consultation and individual solution concepts, we help you to organize the right method to manage your plastic waste in a way that is legally compliant and efficient, depending on the requirements and situation. With our container service we set up a closed disposal chain for you and find the best recycling uses for the plastics. You can save waste disposal costs, ensure the professional, sustainable handing of waste plastics, and promote the highest possible and environmentally-friendly recycling quote.

If you do not know what to do with the plastic waste from your business or home, or if you want more information about better disposal concepts, we would be pleased to hear from you.

How can we help you specifically?

Container selection for disposal of plastic waste:

  • Containers for the disposal of single-variety commercial films (PE films)
  • Containers for the disposal of plastic production waste
  • Individual solutions for companies in the plastics processing
  • Acceptance / acquisition of PET bottles
  • Container (for mixed plastics) with 1.1-5.5 m³ capacity
  • Container with 3-12 m³ capacity
  • 10 m³ press container for PE films
  • Large container 13-40 m³
  • 20 m³ press container for PE films