Container service for old paper, cardboard, and paperboard

If your company creates a large volume of paper, cardboard, and paperboard (board), then the right processing of this recyclable material really is an important topic. The correct collection and sorting of waste paper can reduce your expenses and your disposal costs.

We help you and supply the right collection containers and bins for your individual paper, cardboard, and paperboard waste volumes. We even offer modern solutions such as a completely automatic, space-saving press container (compression container), or secure solutions for the collection and disposal of confidential files.

Contact us and we can help you in questions of disposal of waste paper, cardboard, and paperboard.

Incidentally, paper was one of the first and most common recyclables to be recognized and collected as a secondary raw material. The reasons are obvious: paper, cardboard, and paperboard can be recycled easily and even repeatedly. In 1990, the paper industry used about 49 percent waste paper; in 2014 it was almost 74 percent.

In total, we still guarantee a pure type treatment and can supply the paper industry with high-quality raw materials that can be processed into new paper and new paperboard materials. Your professional paper collection and our service make this environmentally-friendly raw material lifecycle possible and make the waste paper recycling quota a success story.

If your company regularly has waste paper in the form of packaging or graphic papers (waste paper bin contents, printed material), then we are your partner for needs-based disposal and recovery. Tell us how we can help you.