For a sustainable use of resources - since 1950

Our "Captain Sero" (transl. secondary rawmaterial) is serving on a vessel that is on cruise with changing staff since 1950. Right after the launch under the slogan "recollecting recyclables according to the plan and using them smartly in the industry" his ship started cruising for the following 40 years in the smooth waters of socialist state-directed economy. The name f the vessel was "VEB Altstoffhandel" (transl.: peoples owned company Waste Material Trade).

The state- imposed task to recollect recyclables was fullfilled accordingly to the plan and a widespread network of collecting points for recyclables was developed. Every Thuringian citizen had directly or indirectly contact to the predecessor of Thuringen Recycling GmbH. Most of them kept positive memories as it was very common in those times for kids to upgrade their pocket money buy collecting and selling recyclables.

The dynamic groth of the entity in those times was carried out at the cost of private structures that were more and more repressed in the socialist system of the GDR. Only a very small number of private owned companies could survive the forty years of socialism in the GDR. On 21st june the former "peoples owned company" was privatized. Shortly before that it was renamed to "Thuringen Recycling Erfurt GmbH". The new owners (Michael Dresel and Gunter Munster) were two entrepreneurs with a lot of experience in the field of waste management and recycling. With the political and economical change came a big upheaval for the citizens of east Germany. The "ship" had to be pulled on the dry-dock in order to prepare it for the "open sea". In that time the company had a turnover of only 4.1 Mio German Mark and a operative loss of 1.5 Mio German Mark employing 230 people.

It was due to the courage and cleverness of the new owners and directors of the company that takeover and continuation of the firm became a success. Ever since the vessel is sailing on a safe course having earned recognition in the German and international recycling markets. We are proud about the achieved success without being too high spirited resting on our yesterdays laurels.

Talking about history it is always a good opportunity for an outlook to the future. Expansion and continuation of our company goes together with...

  • ...a high customer orientation and cost efficiency,
  • ...the ability to take part in strategic co-operations and,
  • ...development of foreign markets.

We invite you to be part of that future!

You're Fairwerter

  • Founded in 1950 as VEB SeRo (secondary raw materials)
  • Construction of more than 900 reception points throughout Thuringia
  • 1991 - renamed Thuringia Recycling GmbH
  • June 21, 1991 Privatization and takeover by Michael Dresel and Günther Münster
  • Until 1995: Rehabilitation, modernization and implementation of a important social plan
  • Opening of a branch office in Weimar
  • Opening of a branch office in Bad Langensalza
  • Opening of a branch office in in Dalian (China).
  • Opening of a branch office in Puebla (Mexico)
  • 2015: Acquisition of the industrial service provider Hofeditz GmbH in Baunatal near Kassel