A pure recycling economy: waste glass, the recycling hit

Glass in the waste glass container is the perfect example for sustainability and the definition of the recycling principle. Waste glass can be melted down and used to make new glass products over and over again.

As a waste management facility and commercial generator of glass waste (flat or float glass, bottle glass) we organize the disposal of glass for commercial and industrial operations, and ensure environmentally sound recycling.

Based on the volume and amount of your glass waste, we can offer the right glass container and an efficient service at fair conditions. Your decision for the professional disposal of glass promotes the cycle of glass use. Today new glass bottles are made of up to 60% recycled waste glass (up to 90% for green glass).

So, if you have to dispose of glass or if you only want to find out more about improved glass disposal concepts, we are pleased to be your point of contact. How can we help you specifically in the disposal of waste glass?

What belongs in the glass container that we deliver to you:

  • Window glass
  • Architectural glass (building construction)
  • Glass from production waste
  • Bottle glass (gastronomy and wholesale)
  • Cullet (food trade)
  • Canning jars (food crafts)
  • Screw jars (food industry)
  • Pure sorted glass from households